Costa Rica in a week

Having only about 2 and a half weeks from Nicaragua to our flight from Panama City and me having already been to Costa Rica with my parents for two weeks, our visit to Costa Rica has been a short and sweet one. We are at the moment in Manuel Antonio where Maria will visit the national park and I will save some money and sleep hehe. After that we are of to, what I think will be fantastic, to Panama. There we will make three stops before our flight the 6th, Bocas del Toro, San Blas Islands and Panama City.

Other exiting news: Our ticket home has been booked. We fly from Rio de Janeiro (!!!) the 20th May and arrive in Stockholm the 21st. See YOUthen!

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Hello, our names are Fredrik and Maria. We have both graduated high school, worked for a while, volunteered and now it is time to pile on to the no-more-school! feeling . After discussing the trip a year ago, the trip of our dreams is now coming true! We are going to travel through Central and South America, starting in northern Nicaragua and then making our way down to Buenos Aires, Argentina. On our way we'll stop at places like Corn Islands, Machu Pichu, the salt flats of Bolivia, Iguacu Falls and hopefulle much more. Follow us here and share our thoughts and experiences. Enjoy, laugh reflect and most importantly, envy us ;)">her.


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